Angry Birds On Line

People are so addicted to this game that Rovio decided to put Angry Birds on line. This is quite pleasing for me. I don't know what's up with my PC but the Angry Birds that I've installed in there can't seem to run. And I can't take a reformat of it as of the moment. I'm too lazy to back up and stuff. And so it's perfect that I can play my favorite game even as I don't have it installed in my own workstation. Not to say that I mean it, but I think it's rather good somehow to not have this hell of a game running on my workstation at an addict's office that is, mine.

The one online, which is actually in Google Chrome, is pretty good though. But not as great as a full screen, PC installed one. Still, having the Angry Birds on line is a good way for the one like me who just has to have AB breaks in the office after lunch time. :)

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